Useful information for you as a speaker at TDC 2016. If there are something else your want to know, please contact us.


TDC is a community driven event for developers across all disciplines - ui-design, front-end, agile, gaming and back-end. The conference has been sold out all the previous years with up to 700 participants, lots of opportunity to mingle, a great after party and a delicious speakers' dinner.


TDC 2016 will be held Monday the 31th of October in Trondheim, Norway. Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, and is dominated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Sintef, Atmel, ARM, Nordic and other technology-oriented institutions.


During the breaks you can enjoy creative booths and activities. There will be a mix of software companies and consultancies, as well as free space for local startups. Let us know of local startups that you’d like to see.


We will help you find the best route to Trondheim Airport Værnes (about 30 min. from TDC with taxi or door-to-doors bus). There is free WIFI, and we can arrange adapters, clickers, extra rehearsal time etc. on request.


The agenda consists of five tracks with a perfect blend of upcoming local talents and international speakers. About half of these 30-minute sessions are held in English (Norwegians generally speak English fluently). Talks will be recorded and published unless otherwise is requested. Your presentation will be preloaded on the PC before your talk starts, unless you plan on using you own PC for demo purposes. There will be a clicker available and you'll see the speaker notes on a screen at the podium.


TDC is held at the beautiful Clarion Hotel - one of Scandinavia's largest congress hotels, at the harbor in central Trondheim. Everything from the speakers' dinner, the conference halls and speakers’ lounge, to your room is located here.


All speakers are invited to a speaker dinner we hold the evening before the conference. The dinner is held at the same hotel as the conference (Clarion) at 19:00 Sunday 30th. This is your chance to meet the organizers and speakers in a friendly environment, before it all starts. We are looking forward to meet you.